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    We love Travian

    Free Travian Gold

    Welcome player.

    On site navigation is easy as 1,2,3. You can use SITE MENU and
    BLUE LINKS for site navigation and GREEN UNDRELINED WORD may give additional informaton to you. NOT all site content is directly linked in SITE MENU.

    On our page you will find:

    Travian is one of the most popular on-line games all around the world. It is a very big fun to play it when you are strong travian player.

    We will show you how to become very strong travian player on each server.

    Only noobs need to buy travian gold. We can make the best travian player from you without any travian gold. Although we can show you how to get as much travian gold for free as you wish. It is very easy using our travian tools.

    1) We know what scripts, bots and tools is safety to use. (one member of our team was MULTIHUNTER few months ago...)

    2) We know how can you get a lot of TRAVIAN GOLD for free.

    3) We can also give to you a lot of game tips, such as multiple catapults waves sending, multicrops finding, how to not be a farm and so on...

    Check our site for more info.


    I started this after playing several Travian rounds because I found myself collecting Travian related resources and materials on my desktop. As I spent far too much time trying to teach others how to play well, I decided it was time to share some of the resources. Every time my allies fell behind, I would spend 20 minutes rounding up as many howtos and tips for Travian as I could find. As a diplomat this activity has become a full time job. Never mind what happens to your time when you become the leader of a multi-wing alliance.

    Travian Guide pulls together years of experience and information learned from various places including: wikis, forums, and tools sites. This site is the only link I will ever have to give out again. Not only does it contain links to many hard to find and obscure Travian resources, it also contains unique guides written by a handful of Travian’s best players. It is a repository of information for alliance leaders and new players alike.

    I hope you find the information as useful as I have over the years. If you have suggestions for the guides or additional links for the site, your comments and feedback are always welcome.

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