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    We love Travian

    TOOLS and TIPS

    There are the best travian tips and tools worldwide here:


    There is a lot of tools for travian on the web. The question is which to use to not be banned by MH. We have one amazing advantage - ONE MEMBER OF OUR TEAM WAS MULTIHUNTER few months ago. We strongly recommend using this travian bot:

    - this program MH cannot detect

    - it provides all travian activities you need during your play
    - you can download 5-days trial version from the producer's site and we can tell you, how you can use it for not only that 5 days but FOREVER for FREE


    we can also tell you: - how to find 9 and 15 wheat fields villages (multicrops and megacrops), including oases bonuses
    - how to send multiple waves of catapults in few seconds (about 5 waves in 1 second)
    - how to calculate the return time of attacker's troops, so you can easy send timed counterattack and kill his army home
    - how never let your army to be killed at home
    - how to use various scripts without being banned by Multihunter (for example: extended map, auto farm, building queue and so on)
    With all these information and TRAVIAN MANAGER free using, we can promise to you, that you will be at least TOP 50 player each server with minimum time spent on your computer.

    Are you interested in this all? Go here: Get all info

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