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    Travian Farmer's guide

    • FEW TIPS FOR BEGINING FARMERS, in the subpage TIPS AND TOOLS you will find how to automate it.
    • Read the guide about how to not be a farm.
    • Focus on farming all inactives in range twice a day
    • Never leave your army sitting at home, an army at home goes to waste.
    • Avoid fights with players who have army
    • Your goal is to only hit those who can’t defend themselves
    • Never listen to IGM’s from your farms because they are your resource fields.
    • Don’t destroy them.
    • Use diplomacy to work towards joining a decent alliance.
    • Once you are accepted a real alliance your empire becomes much stronger.
    • Remember, too many allies means less farms.
    • Your resources should never be empty while your at the computer, and your warehouse should never fill up while your away, if it does, make it bigger or play more often!
    • Raid non-stop, when your army is at home its being wasted. you should be trying to create a buffer zone around your capital making it difficult for anyone to invade your capital.

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