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    We love Travian

    On this page you can find first 4 pages of complete Multihunter travian manual.

    Almost every travian player wants to know, what exactly can multihunter see about your account. We know it and we can give to you the whole multihunter manual as a word document

    The whole document (travian multihunter manual) has 21 Word pages

    we can send it to you in e-mail...


    Your Multihunter account serves only one purpose which is answering igms from players. The account is banned and cannot participate in the game.

    Attention: Read igms you answered have to be moved into the archive! Please move it there directly after you answered it or you might get confused whether you already answered it or not. In case you or anyone else needs to check the conversation later it’ll still be available. Do not delete messages of (already) deleted players but move them to the archive, too, you’ll never know whether you still need them.

    1. In your account there are two specialties: First of all you can see a history of messages sent to you by a specific player, just click his name and it’ll appear. You should click this one first before opening any messages because you can hereby see whether the player sent multiple messages (happens if they he/she thinks you’re too slow). Also you can ready older messages from this player very easy with this function as all messages from the specific player will be displayed. Behind the player name a small symbol is displayed:. A click on this link will open the player’s profile in the acp in a new window. Attention: The symbol only gets displayed if you logged into the acp before logging into the in game account.

    2. By clicking the "Sent” in the table heading the order of the igms will be reversed. The oldest message will be first. This is also the way you should answer your messages, oldest first, latest in the end. An additional click will set the order to the default way again.

    Search function in the archive

    Because looking for a single message from a specific player in your archive would drive one crazy a search function has been implemented:

    URL of the archive:


    If you’re looking for igms from the player with the user id 1234 attach the following to the URL:


    Search function in "Sent”

    It’s almost the same procedure for messages you sent to some player:

    URL of the sentbox:


    If you’re looking for igms to the player with the user id 1234 attach the following to the URL:


    Message IDs / Report IDs

    Assuming we have player A who reports insults that have been sent to him by player B and to prove this he sent s you a copy of the insults. Unfortunately this is no proof we can use because such a text can easily be faked. Due to this you have to ask player A to give you the message ID to be able to read the original message. The message ID is the number at the end of the URL in the browser’s address line (example: The same applies to report IDs. Once the player told you the ID of the message in question go to reporter’s profile in the acp. The box above is on the right upper part of the profile.

    1. Here you have to enter the message ID and afterwards press ok. You have to be logged into your Multihunter account to be able to read the message.

    2. Here you have to enter the report ID. Being logged into your in game account is not necessary to see the report.

    3. ACP General information

    The Admin Control Panel (ACP) can be accessed by entering following URL in the address line of your browser: resembling the number of the world). The access code you received is for your personal access only and may not be passed on to others in any case. Furthermore using the ACP on public computers or near other Travian players should be avoided at any costs. Make sure that, if you have to use a public computer, all login data can be deleted irreversibly and completely.

    General overview

    The general overview can be accessed by clicking "Multisearch” after successfully logging into the ACP. Above the entry Multisearch there is the entry Statistics which are not of any importance to this tutorial, however.

    1. Search function - This is the link to the search function page.

    2. Multisearch - After clicking "Multisearch” the ranking of the current world will be displayed in hundred players per page. Additional information will be given on the next page.

    3. Online - With this tool you can compare the online times of various accounts. A more detailed description about the way it works will follow later in this manual.

    4. History - Here you can see the latest 100 punishments that have been applied on this world. All punishments, deletions and e-mail changes are listed here. Each with the date and name of the Multihunter.

    5. Banned - Here you can see a list of all players currently banned. The list includes uid of the player, the ban reason, the MH who banned the account and various other information. You can sort by almost everything, too, just click the headers.

    6. Search items - You can search for various account related information here. The account name, alliance names, village names, e-mail addresses, ckeys, IPs and even deleted players.

    7. Search box - Enter the item to search for here. A wildcard search is also possible - use the asterisk * for that.

    This is the history tab. Here you can look through all changes done to players’ accounts. Who did it, when and what. This is the banned players list. Here you can look through the list of all players which are currently banned.

    3.1. Travian Multisearch


    The Multisearch is the tool you need to actually hunt for violations of the rules on your own, independent of players’ reports. However, you should only use this tool if you have enough time to answer the messages afterwards. On the average 4-5 IGMs per case. So banning more than 20-25 players is rather counterproductive. After you banned a larger account you should make sure that you can answer possible messages shortly after their arrival.

    Page turning

    You want to look at the ranking 15000-15099 instead of 1-100? Either do an endurance testing with your mouse button by clicking the arrows below the speech bubble no. 6 or add &p=15000 to the URL. The numbers may vary depending on which ranks you want to look.

    1. Ranking - The player’s rank in the in game statistics (player statistics) is depicted here. Also a RED background color tells you that the player is currently banned.

    2. Player name - By clicking the name you will be forwarded to the ACP Profile of the specific player:

    3. Resources - Here information about sent and received resources is depicted. By clicking the table heading you can sort the list in two ways. Either starting with the player who received the most resources or who sent the most
    resources away.

    Grey: Means that no irregularities are at hand.

    Red (-): The player is neglecting his/her account. The amount depicted is the sum of resources sent away and received. In most cases this resembles a violation of the rules.

    Green (+): Received resources from other accounts. Just because the value is
    very high it does not necessarily mean that he/she is violating the rules so take a close look if you want to ban the account!

    4. Res(%) - Here you can see a percentage displayed depending on the hourly production of the player. The exact value will be shown if you hover of the "m” (short for marketplace transfers). To give you a better overview the m has different colors depending on the percentage.

    m - Receiver of the resources

    m - 0-70% of the allowed resources have been sent away

    m - 70-120% of the allowed resources have been sent away

    m - more than 120% of the allowed resources have been sent away

    m!!! - more than 200% receiver’s hourly production received

    m!!! - more than 200% of the allowed resources have been sent away

    5. Passwords - xp tells you how many accounts use the same password. The x is the amount of accounts having the same password. 3p for example means that 3 accounts have the same password. This can be evidence for multiaccounting but doesn’t necessarily have to. Therefor you should take a closer look at the account itself before banning it. Hint: Occasionally you can see things like 50p this happens mostly due to players using ultra safe passwords like "12345″ or "Travian”.

    6. Page turning - As described above you can use the arrows to turn the page to the following respectively previous100 ranks.

    7. Cookie overlapping in percentages - This value displays how many cookies from other accounts overlap with this one. This can be evidence for multiaccounting, too. Mind the "can be” - unfortunately sitters and same pc users are not excluded. However, high values are worth looking at in any case.

    3.2. Account Profile

    The account profile is a combination of many different tools. These tools help you finding violations of the rules or enable you to edit various things at the account you look at. The tools will be explained one after another on the following pages in detail.To access an account profile you can simply enter a name in the search mask, use the multisearch table or click an ACP symbol in your inbox.

    3.2.1. Player Details

    1. Search information  - Here is a short infobox. It contains some information concerning the player and whether there are more people with a similar name available.

    2. User ID (UID) - The User ID of the player you look at. The red colored word is the ban reason (assuming the player you look at is banned).

    3. Game information - Here you can see information concerning the player and the related things in game such as ranl, tribe alliance villages and population of the account.

    4. Change location - This right is reserved to full Multihunters and above.

    5. PLUS/GOLD - This tells you whether a player has/had PLUS/GOLD. Once the PLUS expired the date will be displayed in a light gray. IMPORTANT: Do not favor PLUS/GOLD players but do not simply delete them either. If you have to delete PLUS/GOLD players message either Tschena or flying_fortress first (respectively keep track of the names and reasons). Assuming the player has Gold another row above this one will tell you how much.

    6. Profile - The player profile. Medals are depicted as code and not as images.

    7. Quests - This row shows you whether or not the player did all quests. You can also see which type he/she chose (Military, Economy) and whether the player received a "huge army” as well as whether all quests have been fulfilled.

    8. Change name - Here you can change the player’s account name. Account names will be changed until 100 inhabitants only. The only exception to this would be an offending account name. Important: Check whether the name already exists before renaming an account and tell the player that he will not be able to login with the old name afterwards. Make sure he knows when this renaming will happen.

    9. E-Mail address - Here you can see the account’s e-mail address. In case the player wants his e-mail address changed he7she can do so at the account preferences on his/her own without any interferance by MHs or Admins. A MH cannot change e-mail addresses!

    10. Change profile - In case the player’s profile does not fit the game rules as described at §7 you can change the profile here. Leave a notice for the player like "changed by Admin, violated the Netiquette.” after you changed it.

    11. Delete player - Here you can delete a player. You will be asked to enter the deletion password first, though.

    12. Write message - Here you can write an IGM to the player (e.g. after choosing "Other” as reason for a ban, but you’ll get detailed information about this later on). After you clicked this link you will be forwarded to your Multihunter account.

    3.2.2. Villages in travian

    1. Delete village - By clicking the red X you can delete a single village. After clicking it you will be asked to confirm this deletion via a special "delete”-menu and the ACP password.

    2. Village name/Village details - By clicking the village name you will be forwarded to a detail page concerning the village. An elaborate description about this page can be found at 3.2.3.

    3. Starved troops - Important: This function is reserved for the Tech-Support and not to be used by Multihunters. With it starved troops can be revived.

    4. Inhabitants & Upkeep (Crop usage) The first figure depicts the number of inhabitants in this village. The second figure the upkeep the troops (own and foreign) in the village need. Tip: Even though troops won’t starve while an account is banned they still eat crop and will start to starve directly after the ban has been lifted. Therefor take care while banning players with many troops. If possible you should be able to answer any messages the player sends for some time after you banned him or send him a message of your own that he will be banned in case he does not cooperate. In case a ban cannot be circumvented the player should be allowed to fill his granaries so that his troops might live.

    5. Coordinates- The village’s coordinates on the map.

    3.2.3. Travian Village Details

    Foreword: To get to this overview you have to click the village name in the ACP profile of a player as mentioned in 3.2.1. The details described on this page are first of all a guideline to help you verify information a player gave you. A good example would be "Help me, I cannot build barracks in village xyz!”. At the village details page you can directly see whether he/she fulfills the prerequisites.
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